Chabad of Venetian & Sunset Islands was founded in 1998, with the guidance and blessing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Chabad is dedicated to the re-establishment and strengthening of our Judaic faith, principles, identity, commitment and pride.

Our Chabad House is a unique and vibrant center, providing a home away from home for any man, woman or youngster who walks through its doors. It's Rabbis, staff and volunteer workers are pioneers in the most literal sense, treading a path and showing the way to bring the light of Torah and Jewish tradition to all Jews. Acceptance of every Jew on their own level, regardless of their level of religious commitment or practice, has become a trademark of Chabad. And by blending traditional values with modern day techniques, we have been successful in reaching even the most alienated, helping them appreciate their roots and identify with pride.

Thanks to G‑d's infinite blessings and the generous support and involvement of members of the community, Chabad of Venetian Islands has grown rapidly during these 22 years.  Just a few months ago we embarked on a new, exciting project: The building of an impressive new synagogue and educational campus here in Venetian Islands. This new center will enable us to do much more. It includes classrooms, Jewish Library, Sanctuary, Children's playground, offices, commercial kitchen and more. 

Our doors are and will always be open to every single Jew, regardless of their affiliation or background.