Health and Wellness

Communication is key to allowing us to help your child. Please let us know if there are any important factors in your child's health, such as allergies, vision, hearing, medications, etc. This will help us to be understanding and cater to his/her needs. Of course, the greatest care will be taken to maintain the confidentiality of the student/family.

Contagious Illness: Please notify us in the event of a contagious illness so that we may notify the parents of other children in the class to be aware of the symptoms.

Chabad Venetian Hebrew School has someone certified in CPR/First Aid on duty at all times.

In case of minor injury, the first aider will treat the injury. For major injuries, G‑d forbid, EMS will be called as well as the parents. In the event the parents/guardians cannot be reached, the emergency contact on file will be contacted. If necessary, the child will be taken to the nearest hospital.


Your child’s happiness is our top priority. Communication between parents and staff is very important and will make the Hebrew school experience more pleasant for your child.

If there are any issues that are bothering you concerning your child’s education, do not disregard them. Please talk to us so that we can make your child more comfortable and alleviate any distress immediately.

We will be emailing important notices and newsletters to let you know what is happening during Hebrew school. Please check your email Hebrew school notices to monitor how your child is progressing.

Whatsapp messages will be sent out as well. Please make sure to save this # in your phone so you can receive important updates and messages: 305-496-3433.

Photos of Chabad Hebrew School in action will be posted weekly on our website-make sure to view them here.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's performance and/or progress, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher or call our director Tzippy Mann at 305-496-3433. 

Drop Off / Pick Up

Sunday: 10:00am-12:30pm

Drop-off and pick-up can be done by parking in one of the public spots, or driving by Chabad where there will be a staff member welcoming/escorting your child to/from your car.


Regular attendance is crucial to your child’s success in Hebrew school. There is a direct correlation between attendance and achievement, interest and attitude. Furthermore, coming late disturbs the entire class and disrupts your child’s classroom routine. 

Adhering to the attendance policy will be greatly appreciated and will help your child get the most out of Hebrew school. Great attendance will be rewarded.


All boys must bring their own kippah to wear in class. Please make sure your child has his own kippah every day. If he forgets his own kippah, he will be given one.


Tzedakah (charity) is a concept which is basic to Judaism. Our school attempts to develop a commitment among our students to share with the less fortunate by donating a few pennies a day to charity. Parents are asked to provide the students with a daily coin for tzedakah.


A light snack will be given to your child in Hebrew school. Please send your child with a water bottle every week. It will be refilled as necessary. 

Helping Your Child Succeed

In order for our CHS program to be most effective, the home and CHS must work hand in hand and promote a close partnership. The following are a few suggestions:

  • Many of our students are involved in other extracurricular activities, i.e. sports, music lessons, etc. All these are important; however, please place priority on your child's Jewish education.
  • Participation in Synagogue services and celebration of Jewish Holidays will greatly enhance your child's interest in Judaism and strengthen his/her Jewish identity. We invite all Hebrew School families to join us at Chabad for Shabbat and holiday services and programs. You belong-no membership needed.
  • Show your child that you are interested in his/her Jewish education. Make a habit of asking your child/ren how their day was, and what they have learned. This will greatly encourage and help foster a strong Jewish identity and positive attitude.
  • Always remember that informal Jewish education is one of the best motivators for creating a positive Jewish identity!