The ethics of cheating and lying - despite societal pressures, cheating is against the Torah. Learn about when it is or isn't ok to lie
The Torah prohibition of embarrassing others - This class teaches the importance of respecting other people's feelings.
Divine rule and free choice -
G‑d's ultimate control VS human's exercising the power of distinction and choice
Gneivas Daas - Discover the importance of being honest and how far reaching this mitzvah actually goes
The Torah's laws with regards to killing in self defense - In light of contemporary events in high schools shoot outs, this class is particularly interesting
Saving lives - This class helps us to understand how much Judaism values life and how important it is to save a life
Separating Siamese twins according to the Torah - A fascinating discovery of Talmudic law and its modern day applications
The Torah's opinion on Vegetarianism - Learn the Torah's teachings on how we should view the food we eat