JCraft-Honey Bee Workshop: Explore the fascinating world of the honeybee, learn how it produces honey, and get your hands sticky with honey extraction.
Learn the significance of the use of honey during Rosh Hashanah - a great way to prepare for the sweet New Year!     

JCraft: Torah Workshop: Learn how a Torah, Mezuza and Tefillin is written. In this workshop, students experience the process of making a Torah scroll. Beginning with raw hide, they learn about tanning and sanding to create parchment. Next, they whittle the end of a goose feather to create the quill. Finally, after an overview of the traditional calligraphy techniques, each student practices writing his or her Hebrew name with the quill and parchment.

JCraft: Tefillin Workshop: Students will learn about the art and skills of Tefillin fabrication, including some of its hidden meanings. The students touch and examine an assortment of parchment samples, scripts and Tefillin sets and follow the process of creating a Tefillin set, starting with a piece of raw hide. They then perform the task of a sofer (scribe) and proofread copies of a Tefillin scroll and try their hand at making a Tefillin knot.

Challah Baking Workshop: Students measure, mix, knead, shape and bake their own challah. Learn the importance of this mitzvah.

Guest Speakers: will be invited to uplift and entertain the students.

- Morah Kuvin
Raised in a completely gentile home, Morah Kuvin felt a strong affinity for the Jewish faith from the time she was a child. Her long journey toward making a religious conversion reminds us of the beauty and value of something that we may sometimes take for granted - the gift of being a Jew

- Gal Levy
Meet and converse with an Israeli spy. Gal levy will keep you on your toes as he dares you with his adventures in the Israeli army and as an undercover agent        

- Professional Chef
You can get everything in a kosher kitchen.
Meet a professional chef and learn about the joys of keeping kosher, while you get your hands into making a scrumptious treat!

Guest Speaker:  Stump the Rabbi! Q & A with Rabi Mann.
Students will have the opportunity to ask any question on their minds. This is their chance to hear all the answers!