Judaic Curriculum:

Our students will be studying the theme of “Jewish Ethics” this year.  Discussing Jewish morals as they pertain to a teenagers life is insightful and meaningful. In this curriculum students are exposed to classic and contemporary Jewish texts and are encouraged to reevaluate their opinions on day to day issues such as cheating in school and embarrassing peers to more global topics such as  vegetarianism and medical ethics.

Hebrew Language Program:

Our students will learn basic rules of Hebrew grammar including word structure, prefixes and suffixes. Once they have mastered these skills, they will move on to an in depth study of the prayers, where students will learn key words, identify and decode root words that appear throughout  many of the prayers, and learn the meaning of the prayers.


We are excited to include several “ JCrafts”  workshops as part of our Teen Club curriculum.  We believe in learning by doing and learning while having fun.

JCrafts workshops illustrate a wide array of Jewish concepts — holidays, traditions and practices. Each presentation is taught by a seasoned educator, and features experiential activities such as pressing olives and making olive oil for Chanukah or making quills and learning Hebrew calligraphy for the Torah workshop.

Speakers and Outings:

All guest speakers and trips were carefully planned and chosen, their goal being to instill Jewish pride and identity within our students, and to inspire and guide them as they journey through this exciting time in their lives.