When you arrived there was a wonderful table with: pasta, chips and cookies, and to drink there was a bottle of water. Each girl served herself some food, and talk with each other.

After, we ate something and took our seats the master of ceremonies “Leah”, welcomed us all and introduced us to the featured speaker “Dina”. She told us about facing challenges.

After, the treasurer “Miriam”, collected the tzedaka from every one. It was nice to see that everybody remembered to bring a contribution.

Later on, we read our chesed reports on helping others. A chesed report can be anything some girls did, like a bake sale, and some girls commented on how they helped a friend to get up when they fell from their bikes, or even give theirs dog a bath so their nannies would have free time.

Meanwhile while we were doing everything, our great photographer “Dana” was taking a lot of beautiful pictures. After that, came a special moment, when each girl received a beautiful charm bracelet custom made with the BMC design. Next we received our BMC kits, which included a journal, a folder and a pen.

After this little ceremony, we had a quick lesson on our neshama, on how we have a godly soul and an animal soul, which make us who we are. While they were explaining this each girl drew something about Chanukah.

Finally, with 15 minutes left on the clock, we decorated Chanukah candles and dipped them in wax.

Every candle turned out beautiful, and so was every thing else.

I can’t wait to meet again.

And I would like to thank Tippy, chany, and Rifka for making this possible.


For more information or to register please call Tzippy at: 305-674-8400.

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