Club #1 - Blossoming Together!

In this class I learnt so much! I learned about some examples of our neshama.

Example 1: our neshama is like a flame on a candle; always lit no matter what way you turn it, the flame always turns upward!

Example 2: our neshama is like a tea bag partially because without dipping the tea bag in it the water does nothing but just let sit in water for 5 minutes which make something that was once plain, delicious and healing. I also met some amazing new girls that are my bat-Mitzvah Club.!! I am so excited for the next lesson by Mateah Scher

Club #2 Summary Chanukah - Then and Now
December 2018

By: Logan Feldman

The meeting was all about Hanukkah and Tzippy decorated the place so that it was very festive. She also baked us a lot of snacks such as doughnuts, cupcakes and had gelt. First we all shared our girl on the glow reports and received a charm for our bracelets. Then we talked about the story of Hanukkah and discussed all of our thoughts and questions about the holiday. Finally, we made beautiful candles and decorated them and played dreidel. All in all it was a terrific meeting.

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